Sunday, August 16, 2015

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Tot 2share.....Please beware of who you give lift on the road, a commuter assisted a uniformed police man while travelling; after a few poles the policeman got off the car and had secretly dropped two bullets on the floor of the car. The commuter out of divine intervention had a. Prompting to check where the policeman sat and noticed the bullets and threw them away. Shortly after a few poles he was stopped at a police checking point and properly cleared and thoroughly searched as if they knew he had something. They dismantled the seats while they communicated with someone on the phone. After several hours of thorough searching he noticed the guy he gave lift earlier had arrived at the same check point but refused to come close, and he was allowed to go. He noticed that they were startled like it's impossible. Please re broadcast this. Many innocent persons may have been killed or jailed as a result of this wicked plot of criminal minded and wicked hearted uniformed men.

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