Wednesday, August 26, 2015

#Nigeria. The Face of Anti Corruption Struggle Should not Have a Tribal Mark.

The narrative that asking a politician we admire to account for public money entrusted as "pull him/her down" is the very reason Nigeria may never progress.
Nothing like Nessasary corruption or stealing "unbehalf of the people" to liberate them. If that is right then the armed robber who robs a bank killing many and sharing his blood money with needy family can also justify his action.

We can not be selective in our fight against corruption. Even if someone is the best performing public servant, asking them to account isn't "pull him/her down" in fact it strengthens them if they are made to account.

Also that infertile submission that someone can't be exposed becouse he or she's being hunted by political opponents is silly.

It is in the interest of the Nigerian masses that the thieving ruling elites should fight to a stand still so the people can see that all they clap for are simple crumbs and that if ALL of the commonwealth are judiciously spent, Nigeria would have been a paradise.

Only enablers or beneficiaries of corruption would campaign for an Apparthied system in the fight against corruption.

The commons man simply want JUSTICE irrespective of the tribal mark or so called "performance" of the thief. Kayode @Ogundamisi

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