Saturday, August 1, 2015

@DeleMomodu. He had sweet words for everyone. His ability to make friends was legendary. He was fond of saying “Allah dey” in every conversation and you would have thought he was a Muslim. His best friend was The Emir of Kano who joined his ancestors only last year. They were inseparable. He was friends with President Shehu Shagari just as he was with his arch-rival Chief Obafemi Awolowo. As a matter of fact, Chief Mrs Hannah Idowu Dideolu Awolowo (who’s getting ready for her hundredth birthday next November) was decorated as The Yeye Oba (mother of the king) of Ife. He was close to Chief Bola Ige who installed him as The 50th Ooni of Ife just as he was to the man who dethroned him, Dr Victor Omololu Sowemimo Olunloyo. That was Oba Sijuwade for you. #Pendulum

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