Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Buhari Must Go!
"Buhari Must Go"
A friend sent this n got me scared for seconds
Buhari must go. Yes! He must go. Who told the man self
that we are tired of darkness in our areas. Now the Area
boys could not operate at night any longer. They don't have
enough money to spare for their league of call girls any
more. Too bad. I say Buhari must go. Yes! That man must
go. Haba! Can't he see what great calamity he is causing to
our "illustrious" oil cabals. I just heard that Port Harcourt
and Warri Refineries have started working. That Kaduna will
soon join and more Refineries to be built. What will now
become of the very lucrative and more profitable importation
of fuel? He cannot try that to our cabals. That is too much.
Buhari has to go. We are cool with our image before the
comity of nations as a pariah state. A corrupt state. A state
where nothing works. A failed state. We are cool with that.
Why must he enforce discipline. We are cool with our act
and show of indiscipline. That is what makes us thick.
Buhari must surely go. The public servant and political
office holders are not finding things easy. The man is
redefining the years known lexicon that we are "proud" of.
"Stealing is not corruption". That is what they told us. So
goats are free to eat our yams. But now this President is "
confusing" us. How can you say stealing is now corruption.
And those "goats" can no longer eat our yams. Na wah o.
This President must go. He is causing so much anxiety
among our past looters, so sorry I mean "leaders looters".
Now our beautiful sister, that " fine" lady is sick now. Why
now. Food wey person don chop, you say make e come shit
am by force. Haba! How she no go sick. From the way it is
going now, hospital wards will be full of them. Yes!
President Muhammed Buhari must .....
Have a good day.

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