Friday, July 24, 2015

Tompolo calls a meeting of Ijaw War Council and Ex Niger Delta Militants promise war.

Fair deal about time people have an idea of North East REALITY. When the rain falls............ The truth is that the Niger Delta deserves REAL development and not the enrichment of a few sons and daughters of the region. Past governments including Goodluck Jonathan’s neglected the region and also guilty of the neglect are the thieving elite and political class in the Niger Delta including the mega rich militants. If they start a war, it is the poor people that will suffer just as the poor in North East have been the very victim of Boko Harram insurgency for many years. So go back to the creeks at your own peril and bring Nigeria down. It won’t affect just one region, we are all in it together. Kayode @Ogundamisi

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