Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mayweather paid 180 million dollars for a fight

For those who push their kids to be doctors and lawyers and stop them from beating up other kids, or get angry when they get into fights, Mayweather just got paid 180 million dollars for this anti climax of a fight. That is N35820000000.00 naira. That is thirty five billion, eight hundred and twenty million naira for one fight.

Any teacher that stops my kid from fighting will answer to me. I am having boxing gloves all over my house, the patio, the garden, garage, everywhere boxing gloves.

Na pikin wey stubborn dey fight naim come good pass now. Dey there. No update your self. Family retirement money. Dey there dey beat your stubborn children instead of clapping for them.

In fact, if teacher calls you to school and says "your son beat up another student", all you should ask is was it a knockout or unanimous decision" -FM (BB pin:29DE2E4D)

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