Wednesday, April 1, 2015

As President @ThisIsBuhari will take on new friends. It is the duty and responsibility of Nigerians to hold him to no less a standard we held GEJ. We can not let those who loot go under the guise of reconciliation. Money must be recoverd. Oil subsidy theft revisited. APC now control the National Assembly so law makers have no escuse to cut down the scandalous salaries and allowances. We need funds to equip our hospitals. To fund education and other basic needs. President Goodluck Jonathan and President elect @ThisIsBuhari can work together in the interest of Nigeria to identify those who have looted the National Tressury both before, during and after GEJ. That is the only reconciliation that's patriotic, not a reconciliation of the ruling class against the Nigerian people. God bless Nigeria. Kayode @Ogundamisi

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