Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Today, March 24, 2015 is 4 days to Nigeria Presidential election ...‎ 

Still on present situation we find ourselves today in Nigeria:‎
(between a mentor and his mentee...  true or false?) ...‎

“Please, Mr. President,  be very  wary of assistants,  aides and collaborators who look for enemies for you.    I have seen them with you and some were around  me  when  I  was  in  your  position.  I  knew  how  not  to  allow  them create  enemies for  me.  If  you allow  them,  everybody  except  them  will be your enemy.  They are more dangerous than identified adversaries.  May God  save  leaders  from  sycophants.    They  know  what  you  want  to  hear and they feed you with it essentially for their own selfish interest. As far as you  and  Nigeria  are  concerned,  they  are  wreckers.    Where  were  they when  God  used  others  to  achieve  His  will  in  your  life.    They  possess you now for their interest. No interest should be higher or more important than the Nigerian interest to you.    You have already made history and please do nothing to mar history.    I supported you as I supported Yar’Adua.    For me, there is neither North-South divide nor Christian-Moslem divide but one Nigeria.”‎

 - Olusegun, Okikioluwakan, Matthew, Aremu OBASANJO in a letter dated December 2, 2012, Titled 'Before it is too late' - addressed to Goodluck, Ebele, Azikiwe JONATHAN‎‎

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