Tuesday, March 31, 2015

From the collated and announced result of 18 state by INEC Buhari is WINNING with 2,032,226 margin

STATE LEFT to be collated and announced by INEC

NORTH CENTRAL - Niger, Benue
NORTH EAST - Adamawa , Bauchi , Borno, Gombe , Taraba, Yobe

NORTH WEST - Kebbi , Sokoto, Zamfara


SOUTH SOUTH - Bayelsa, Cross river , Delta , Edo , Rivers


My take:
Out of the remaining 18 states, 11 are clearly APC winning states whose unconfirmed result shows a lead of about 7.5million votes.

Even if the remaining 7 PDP states managed to bring 1millon votes each, States like Bayelsa with PVC collection of about 500,000, Ebonyi State with a PVC collection total of 848 and Benue State which is too close to call, plus Cross River State which also has 900 and above, must perform the impossible.

1. the PDP have to cook up additional 800,000 PVCs this night,

2. Benue needs to produce 800,000 extra votes for the PDP,

3. Delta State to produce 1million.

The above magic, the PDP must perform overnight to make the expected fraudulent 1.4million votes of Rivers to allow GMB win by just 100,000 votes.

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