Tuesday, March 31, 2015

@Ogundamisi. Watch The Death Of The Nigerian Youth As they sit and Watch Rigging In Akwa Ibom


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From the collated and announced result of 18 state by INEC Buhari is WINNING with 2,032,226 margin

STATE LEFT to be collated and announced by INEC

NORTH CENTRAL - Niger, Benue
NORTH EAST - Adamawa , Bauchi , Borno, Gombe , Taraba, Yobe

NORTH WEST - Kebbi , Sokoto, Zamfara


SOUTH SOUTH - Bayelsa, Cross river , Delta , Edo , Rivers


My take:
Out of the remaining 18 states, 11 are clearly APC winning states whose unconfirmed result shows a lead of about 7.5million votes.

Even if the remaining 7 PDP states managed to bring 1millon votes each, States like Bayelsa with PVC collection of about 500,000, Ebonyi State with a PVC collection total of 848 and Benue State which is too close to call, plus Cross River State which also has 900 and above, must perform the impossible.

1. the PDP have to cook up additional 800,000 PVCs this night,

2. Benue needs to produce 800,000 extra votes for the PDP,

3. Delta State to produce 1million.

The above magic, the PDP must perform overnight to make the expected fraudulent 1.4million votes of Rivers to allow GMB win by just 100,000 votes.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Buhari group calls for Fani-Kayode’s arrest.
Military aids electoral fraud –Okorocha.
Police fire tear gas at protesting APC women.
APC loses six reps seats in Lagos.
Senate Leader loses seat,
Saraki wins. Stella Oduah wins Anambra North Senatorial seat.
Melaye floors Smart, wins Kogi West Senatorial seat.
Buhari overtakes Jonathan in Benue, gets 250,000 votes.
Osun: Omoworare wins return ticket to Senate,  Fadahunsi kicks .
Samsung To Build Manufacturing Plants In Africa.
Election: NBC slams sanction on 18 media organisations over advert breaches.
NLC Wants Govs To Pay Outstanding Salaries Before Handover.
Military Foils Attack In Gombe, Kills 3, Recovers Card Reader.
Ogun LG workers begin indefinite strike.
INEC’s team probes alleged irregularities in Rivers polls.
Military frees women, children seized by B’Haram.
NBC indicts AIT, NTA for documentary on Buhari.
INEC worker arrested in Delta.
APC rejects results of presidential poll in Bayelsa.
Suswam, Yuguda, Ngige lose senatorial bid.
Buhari leads with 2m votes …as INEC declares 18 states, FCT only.
Amaechi imposes curfew on Rivers.
Commonwealth observer group hails elections.

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@ogundamisi. Please Where Can I Buy INEC Result Scratch Card? I Wanna Check thε Results by Myself. Thεy αrε Just Delaying Us Jare /:) .....

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@ogundamisi. A friend posted this to me just now
My AG, its not even as complex nor "long" analysis as u sent. Using The offcial results anounced already n the result u sent for 28 states, I hav done some analysis here using average of 2/3 voters to PVC collection, even wth the remaing 9 states, its very hard, I repeat, very hard for GEJ to win.

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Regardless of who wins, GEJ or GMB, there is something very obvious, we need a proper restructuring of this country.

We need:-

1.A proper census figure, and
2.We national Identify database
3.A true number of LGAs and States
4.One term of 5 years rotational Presidency across the geo-political zones
5.The diversification of our national source of income
6.The secularization of the country
7.The standardization of the federal character where a unified standards cuts across.

Until we tell ourselves the truth, the western world will keep making a puppet of us all, and we will never amount to our true potential.

This is a battle from within and without.

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Nigeria Presidential Result for far


Ogun State :
APC - 308,290
PDP - 207,950

Enugu State
APC = 14,157
PDP = 553,003

KOGI State : 1,350,883
APC = 264,851
PDP = 149,987

OSUN STATE : 683,169
APC = 383,603
PDP = 249,929

ONDO STATE : 618,040
APC = 299,889
PDP = 251,368

ABUJA State: 344,056
APC = 146,399
PDP = 157,195

OYO STATE : 1,073,849
APC = 528,620
PDP = 303,376

APC = 236,838
PDP = 273,460

APC = 1,903,999
PDP = 215,779

Jigawa State
APC = 885,988
PDP = 142,904

APC: 1,345 441
PDP 98 937

APC = 302,146
PDP = 132,602

APC - 17,926
PDP - 660,763

APC -13394
PDP - 638303

APC: 133253

APC: 429,140
PDP: 549615

Akwa ibom
APC: 58,411
PDP: 953,304

Result extended till tomorrow 10am

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Today, March 24, 2015 is 4 days to Nigeria Presidential election ...‎ 

Still on present situation we find ourselves today in Nigeria:‎
(between a mentor and his mentee...  true or false?) ...‎

“Please, Mr. President,  be very  wary of assistants,  aides and collaborators who look for enemies for you.    I have seen them with you and some were around  me  when  I  was  in  your  position.  I  knew  how  not  to  allow  them create  enemies for  me.  If  you allow  them,  everybody  except  them  will be your enemy.  They are more dangerous than identified adversaries.  May God  save  leaders  from  sycophants.    They  know  what  you  want  to  hear and they feed you with it essentially for their own selfish interest. As far as you  and  Nigeria  are  concerned,  they  are  wreckers.    Where  were  they when  God  used  others  to  achieve  His  will  in  your  life.    They  possess you now for their interest. No interest should be higher or more important than the Nigerian interest to you.    You have already made history and please do nothing to mar history.    I supported you as I supported Yar’Adua.    For me, there is neither North-South divide nor Christian-Moslem divide but one Nigeria.”‎

 - Olusegun, Okikioluwakan, Matthew, Aremu OBASANJO in a letter dated December 2, 2012, Titled 'Before it is too late' - addressed to Goodluck, Ebele, Azikiwe JONATHAN‎‎

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Today is also World Tuberculosis Day.

 'The biggest disease today is not leprosy or Tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of being
unwanted' ‎

- Madam Theresa

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Memorial of the death of Jesus Christ - 3rd Friday, 2015 after sundown. Jehovah's Witnesses invite who wants to come. Visits jw.org

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Memorial of the death of Jesus Christ - 3rd Friday, 2015 after sundown. Jehovah's Witnesses invite who wants to come. Visits jw.org

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Catholic priest, Fr. Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry Enugu, expressing his thoughts on the state of the nation.

Read Details + Full Video:


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