Monday, October 6, 2014


Today's news of another 5.7m US Dollars seized by yet again the South African Authorities tells how much mutinous corruption this Senate indulges. The other day it was 9.3m US Dollars ferried on behalf the Federal Govt into South Africa with a Private Jet belonging to Ayo Oritsejafor the flamboyant President of the Christian Association of Nigeria CAN, yes the Senate has given a blind eye and a deaf ear to such sleaze and breach of international protocol. To the Senate the Mutinous 12 must die, it doesn't matter if corruption bleeds Nigeria to death.

A young Airport Pilot Wing Cmdr. Chimda Hedima in service of fatherland was beheaded after the Haramists shot down an aircraft with which he dealt damage to the insurgents, yet the Senate is quiet whilst the Defense Headquarters refuses to come through with what really happened. The President is mum about the demise of this young hero who gave his life for our peace and so is this mutinous Senate whose billing is cheques rather than checking the excesses of an uncaring Federal Govt., to them the Mutinous 12 must die in the face of unmitigated sabotage within the Army.

As Trillions of Naira and Billions of Dollars are fleeced and stolen by way of Security Votes it doesn't matter to this Senate. As the President's Independence Day Speech made no mention of what will happen to the Nat. Confab Report (confirming my position that it was afterall a 'busy them' jamboree) that cost task payers over 5.7b naira. As the yet missing 218 Innocents of Chibok and the many other abducted citizens in the Haramists dungeon did not enjoy a line in the President's speech, it is obvious that our imperial President cares little, and this mutinous Senate cares only about how much of our collective patrimony they share. Sad!

To kill the Mutinous 12 is to court greater mutiny I dare say.


Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.

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