Thursday, September 4, 2014

A friend posted this on my page and felt it's good I share the information with u my good friends:

Good morning my people, please do join me to commend Multi Billionaire Arthur Eze for his bravery in Umuahia the other day. In a well attended function hosted by gov. T. A. Orji, Chief Arthur Eze openly told the governor that Abia state stinks and that he has taken Abians to 10 years backward because of his visionless administration. There was a pin dropping silence when the Anambra born business mogul dropped his bombshell, took T.A Orji to the cleaners right to his face without any apologies. This is the kind of message we need to pass across to our so called leaders. All these governors squandering the resources of their states, enriching themselves at the detriment of their people will NEVER go unpunished. Nemesis will definitely catch up with them even after leaving office. I wish u all a blissful day.

Dr. Fabian.

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