Friday, August 1, 2014

I believe INEC is not under the illusion that it is still in charge of the Osun Guber election coming up on August 9. I strongly hold the view that INEC is no more in charge. The hype, fear, threats and intimidation orchestrated by all arms of security in the state, surreptitiously believed to be masterminded by the PDP and FG, is appalling and barbaric and an insult to the collective intelligence of Osun People. 

If all we desire is free and fair election, we need not create a sense of panic and security bombardment that the state now witness. Today in Ilesha, about 50 security patrol vehicles, with deafening siren, moved along Ilesa Gramms with Mopol, wearing executioners' mask and menacingly pointing guns at different direction. 

The team appeared to be enjoying what they are doing in their conquering spirit. 

I don't think even the States under Emergency rule have the presence of heavy security like Osun has at the moment. 

Already, the people of the state, electorate, have been divided along 2 camps of mindset. First, mostly elderly have said well, it is not a do or die affair and may not come out to vote if what they are seeing now, before the election, will happen on August 9. The other camp is for the young ones who maintain that they will not be intimidated and are ready to fight 
even with traditional protection instead of being intimidated to cave in to manipulations and shenanigans of the FG and whoever arrange to turn Osun into a police and army state 

The accredited observers of the election should be in the state now to start assessing the preparations instead of coming on the election day and visit one or two polling stations to write their reports. 

Intimidation and threats cannot be part of a fair election! -Alayo Tunde Oso.

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