Friday, July 18, 2014

BEWARE THE IDES OF MAN I.Apologies to Shakespeare for the slant I here allude to that benevolent caution to Julius Caesar in his epic work JULIUS CAESAR ditto '...great Caesar beware the ides of March', yet Caesar arrogantly heeded the nodding of his court-jesters and met his Waterloo, he died a somewhat avoidable death because he ignored the ticking of the tinder box.

To President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan I say beware the ides of man. Yes, man is man, man is beyond religion, man is beyond tribe, man is beyond region and primordial nuances, man is man. Man will protect himself first, man will seek his safety first, man will nurse his stomach first and man will protect his own household before yours. Self first is man's strongest logic. Those nudging you on and hailing you, those telling you that 2015 is a given, those crafting devious scripts and working impunity are feathering their own nests, they do not care what becomes of you, they are mindless of what score history will award you, and they do not 'send' whether democracy 'dies' under your watch so long as their bread is buttered, yes beware the ides of man. To my Countrymen and those who have struggled to whip up regional sentiments by reminding me that Jonathan is my brother because I am from the South South, I must say that I am human, and sooner than later when the tragedies of mis-rule snowballs you will all realize that ethnicity or region is little compared to the imperatives of good governance, for when terror and hunger multiplies because of ill-rule, when crisis soars because politics has stifled good governance and when trauma becomes the air we breath, man shall react as man and visit his anger on bad leaders and their collaborators gender, tribe and religion notwithstanding. Yes, beware the ides of man, for man is man.

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