Wednesday, July 23, 2014


'We are held together by a single garment of oneness..what affects one directly affects the other indirectly.'- Martin Luther King Jr.

My heart is with you pretty sisters, your ordeal in the hands of impish and godless insurgents is my pain, however my sorrow is that your trauma and the abridgment of your liberty by the Haramists and perhaps the violation of your innocence has become more political than criminal.

Rather than unite as a nation whose innocents are missing, some have made the conspiracy theorem a fetish, to some it is a 'script', when I read this from women who are mothers, and some who will be mothers someday I shudder and wonder what kind of mothers the future presents.

First the Presidential Fact Finding Committee on the Chibok Girls have said that Girls are indeed missing, and 219 girls were yet unaccounted for, sad 7parents have died from the attendant trauma.

Yesterday 160parents and 58 Chibok Girls escapees met with the President in Abuja. NOTE that APC didn't set up the Presidential Fact Finding Committee that declared the abduction true, nor did Activists and Progressives convene same.

Therefore those who for politics and sentiments refuse to feel for the missing girls and their families have God and their conscience to contend with. Yes, Good-luck to those who presume to know more than the President they so much defend. Yes, GEJ has accepted that Girls are indeed missing. Yes, Govt has apologized for the delay in finding our girls. Yes, the Armed Forces, the DSS and the Police have confirmed that Girls are yet missing, and it took 99days for Mr. President to meet their families, thanks to the 17year old Pakistani Malala.

NOW the Conspiracy Theorists MUST close shop in shame, or tell us the value in trillions of dollars of this Chibok movie that has compromised even the President. Sad.

Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.

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