Monday, June 9, 2014


Obviously we have demon-crazy on our hands, yes the demons have gone crazy, before us is a manifest demonstration of craziness NOT democracy, nothing appears democratic in this clime anymore.

In one week the Media is being hunted, hounded and harangued. Newspapers and Distribution Vans searched and impounded in the guise of forestalling the movement of explosives and IEDs. In a manner reminiscent of the dark days of Military Rule Aso Rock bares her fang....Our Chibok daughters are yet unaccounted for 53days after.

Ekiti State boils as the PDP and the APC resorts to violent supremacist duel, the hapless citizens its chief victim. The Governor's convoy is allegedly attacked by the PDP controlled Police, and APC thugs said to have quickened to a retaliation combat. The University of Ado-Ekiti have been closed down to stave off further violence. Lives are lost as democracy is threatened yet again...The Innocents of Chibok yet in the devil's gulag.

The politics of the enthronement of a new Emir in Kano takes curious dimensions as supporters of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi ala Rotimi Amaechi and his team are denied access to their Chartered Plane, and the AIG of Police and his men mobilized to stop Palace-men from attending the Coronation of the new Emir, how far can this demon-crazy go? Yet government is unable to locate and negotiate the release of our Chibok girls 53days after.

The times are dicey and wistful partisanship will do us no good. Those who advise in Aso Rock must think less of 2015 and more of the NOW lest this Country implodes. They MUST make governance responsible and responsive to the people such is the expected minimum. And the opposition MUST articulate a programatic alternative rather than swearing, threatening and cursing.

May God Bless Nigeria.

Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.

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To be CONTD.

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