Tuesday, May 20, 2014



When emotion beclouds reason & logic fades to emotive outbursts I worry. When intellectuals lose the profundity of dispassionate analysis I worry more.

Yesterday's carnage & human Barbecues in Jos like the one in Kano three days ago & the many others before it tests our resolve as a people to defeat terror, & puts to trial the courage of Mr. President to helm in the Haramists & their Sponsors.

Compatriots I repudiate in the strongest of terms Femi Fani-Kayode's call for Oduduwa Republic as an option, in his words 'all I can say is give me Oduduwa or I die', so do I refuse Zik Zulu Okafor's support for secession as a possible alternative.

That a tiny band of insurgents & nihilists are after the soul of our nation does not substantiate debates about the North being anti Jonathan or anti Nigeria. The Vigilantes in Balge who attacked the Haramists last week, the Civilian JTF in Bornu & the Hunters combing the forests in search of the Chibok girls are Northerners whose vote is for a united Nigeria.

I'm concerned about the spate of ill will & bellicosity that rules up North but I'm more concerned about the body language & the conduct of Mr. President, he must rise to the challenge & stem this ogre.

The hallucinations about secession as possible leveler is false & unfounded because those who messed up this house called Nigeria will naturally mess up the 'new houses' that may sprout out of it.

We must not forget the caution of the late NSA Gen. Owoye Azazi ditto that "Boko Haram is the creation of the PDP zoning disputations", therefore the discerning must put the cross on politicians & their politricks & save Nigeria from disintegration.

I'm sure that Nigeria shall outlive this Shenanigans. Nigeria will survive this madness & Nigeria shall purge herself of these nitwits & their sponsors in & around the corridors of power.

God save Nigeria.

Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.

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