Friday, May 16, 2014


I am totally opposed to the proposed or otherwise raging swap deal. Prisoners swap is totally different from what presently is the case. Those who cite Israel's exchange of 1000 Palestine prisoners for an Israeli Soldier are in error.

The Israeli phenomenon/instance isn't trite here because it was an exchange between authorities. Israel and Palestine, sometimes between Israel and Labanon, Egypt, Syria et al. Here we are talking about murderous and impious terrorists, any negotiation must not include swapping innocence for killers, if that mistake is made, then the Haramist wins because a blackmail paradigm and an ominous precedent comes into place where they will attack and kill more people with impunity knowing that after each reign of terror, they will abduct/kidnap kids as pawns of negotiation for their prisoners.

Believe me since Boko Haram is directly responsible for over 4,000 deaths so far, government must show that much as they care about our young Angels the sensibilities of the bereaved and the widows of the dead count, the best way out of this rock and a hard ground situation is to offer Boko Haram immunity from prosecution in exchange for our Angels and keep their prisoners in custody until such a time that their activities exterminate and their terror network goes extinct.

It is therefore really not a between the devil and the blue sea situation, it is about government showing that its chief motive is and remains the end, the extinction and the extermination of terrorism within and around our shores.

Say no to any exchange of our Angels/Innocence for killers/murderers, this is a critique with solution.


Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr. Pin:3317521

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