Sunday, May 18, 2014

Boko Haram demanded for a 2 days urgent
meeting with the President, his Vice and the 36 Governors in the country. it will start on sunday and end on monday. The meeting is to hold in their Camp.

President Goodluck Jonathan has announced that all d Governors should be present in the meeting as he wont be able to be there becos he has an urgent meeting in Scotland.

Governor Amaechi called Fashola today and told him dat he is travelling tomorrow & he wont be back until Tuesday, Fashola said he shuld call anoda person becos he himself is already on his way to England to see the Queen ask mc thuraya.

Oshiomole called Uduaghan to tell him dat he is traveling to Senegal and he will come back on Tuesday, Uduaghan said i was about calling you to tell you that am on my way to France to see a friend of mine.

Ajimobi was on his way to the Airport
when he saw Aregbesola booking for a ticket to move with the next flight.......when Ibikunle Amosun called Kayode Fayemi to tell him dat he wont be able to come to the meeting becos he wants to go to Portugal, Kayode Fayemi told him:

I am presently in India, infact Mimiko is also here wit me, we wont be back until tuesday.......

When Okorocha called the Vice president to ask how d meeting will be, Sambo said i am not feeling fine and i wont feel fine until tuesday evening........

Okorocha said ehyaa, i just want to tell you that I am in One Airport in Ghana, and the other 35 Governors are also here with us, we are on a queue to get a ticket for night flight.......we are all coming back on Tuesday evening.

ABEG WHO GO COME ATTEND THIS MEETING,THEIR IS GOD OOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooo enjoy ur day frnds.

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