Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Countrymen I have read with pain the religion flavoured debate that seeks to brand Boko Haram as an effort to Islamize Nigeria. I have also read with worry the tribe and region centred jingoists who insist that power must remain in the South else we go our separate ways. Alas these positions are more emotive and sentimental than logical.

I am certain that the drum-beat of terror and of disaffection that presently resonates is simply the handiwork of politricktians caught in two traps, the one are those who have lost out in the power demograph and the other those desperate to continue the Bazaar come 2015, either way we are the losers.

Tragically for as long as we refuse to look beyond the gamut of politics that they weave for that long 'we the people' will remain the losers. Travel through the Nigerian space and what you see everywhere is harrowing poverty, abysmal want that is indiscriminate of our Iboness, Yorubaness, Hausaness et al. Yes, a poverty that slaps at the face of everyone Christians, Muslims and traditional worshipers alike, with the exception of the thieving political elite who are in cahoots (muslims and christians) in stealing Nigeria dry.

Countrymen I refuse to be deceived by those calling for secession or the breakup of Nigeria because whatever space or 'new nation' God forbid that these men find themselves in, hmm as mean treasury looters they will deal unjustly with the 'new nation' like they dealt with Nigeria. Do not be taken by their sudden ethnocentric cum religious avowals because all that counts is their belly, their families and their lust.

We can overcome this banal politics when we realize that a common denominator holds Musa in Karu-Namuda and Eno in Eket together. That a common web ties Dumebi in Ibusa to Femi in Abeokuta. That a single cord unites Pere in Bayelsa with Ugochi in Abia. Yes, unemployment and hunger befalls all.

(To be Contd)

Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.

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