Saturday, May 17, 2014


Dear Mr. President.

I write with utter amazement at the troubling cloak of our politics. I write because I deeply believe that the time is always right to do right. I am confident that it is never late to turn things around.

Sir, I must hasten to state unequivocally that some of us your avowed critics are your true friends not foes. We smack you so you can do right but tragically you have for Aides men who would rather tell you what you want to hear than tell you the truth, their price is the messy blood soaked porridge that Aso Rock cooks. Sad.

They got you on air last night in the name of a Presidential Media Chat to politic with matters of national security, sadly they wouldn't tell you that in such matters action speaks louder than words. The global press and other world Leaders have condemned the cataclysmic spate of, and the harrowing homeland insecurity in far stronger words than you have. Why?

Your Excellency platitudes won't console the bereaved. Platitudes will not reassure the weary that our worry about who else or where next is unfounded. Platitudes will not bring back the missing girls. And platitudes will not take the buck away from your table, as the C-in-C the buck stops at your table.

Sir, in what was the 7th Presidential Media Chat of your regime you committed an intellectual sacrilege when you said that the Niger Delta Militancy was not terrorism, what was it Sir?
Was it Boko Haram that murdered Security men in Odi for which Obj leveled Odi? Ok that wasn't terrorism?

You are the President of Nigeria not of the South-South only. You are the C-in-C not Gov. Shema. You are the first citizen not Tinubu or Buhari. Your Party is the ruling party not the APC. And the entire apparatus of State Security and defense is at your command not any other persons' to wield, so tell your Aides and bark-dogs to be true to you and true to God.

Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.


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