Saturday, May 17, 2014


Dear Mr. President.

I write as a bonafide citizen, I write as a concerned Nigerian, I write as one who feels the pain of the hoi polloi and I write not as a reckless critic, the fact that I was one of the 19 candidates that ran against you in the 2011 general elections doesn't make me a foe.

I sympathize with Your Excellency for the spate of tragedies that have inundated your watch. I condole with my Countrymen who have been at the receiving end of a harrowing and traumatizing insurgency that has left families dislocated, created more widows, left school children in trauma, turned our daughters to sex slaves and consumed countless lives and properties.

Dear Mr. President some curious happenings around you and some steps that Your Excellency has taken lately benumbs me. It is either you are surrounded by Fifth Columnists as Advisers or that you have deliberately chosen to be unperturbed by the anomie that threatens the nation and civil society.

Why will you cancel a Federal Executive meeting because your Vice President's younger brother passed on a few days earlier BUT proceed to Kano for a PDP rally the very day after over 75 Nigerians were killed by insurgents via bombs at Nyanya, Abuja and two days after over 200girls were abducted by terrorists in Chibok, Bornu State. Mr. President as the C-in-C the buck stops at your table so kill the politics and the blame game that follows every tragedy, tell your image makers, your Advisers and your bark-dogs to cease the politics and take proactive and profound steps to protect the nation and her citizens, such is the minimum required of you.

Sir, posterity shall hold you responsible not your Aides for the failure of governance. History shall be unkind to you not the opposition should Nigeria implode under your watch therefore get to work and protect us. Get to work and forget the blame game cum politics.

Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.


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