Sunday, July 22, 2012

CORRUPTION assumes the high seat in Aso Rock

Countrymen, in the face of Nigeria becoming increasingly broke and government being disheartingly clueless on how to stem the drift down Golgotha, their 'padi padi gofment' antics apologies to Fela continues as CORRUPTION assumes the high seat in Aso Rock; Oteh gets back her seat as SEC Boss after being indicted and suspended for corruption, Kopolokun former NNPC Boss gets an Oil Block as compensation for loosing his job a few years ago to incompetence and corruption; the Ibru's too are finally compensated with an Oil Well for loosing Oceanic Bank afterall it does not matter that the Matriach of the family who ran down that Bank is an ex-convict for Stealing and corruption, it appears that sleeze, fleece and thieving is a top in the CV under GEJ. Regarding the now looted 3.2Trillion Fuel Subsidy Fund it is NOW obvious that GEJ does not give a damn. Compatriots, the litany of flaws and the incompetence of this regime is sickening, O' am sorry, lets blame Boko Haram for making it impossible for GEJ to govern, SAD. All men of goodwill MUST coalesce into a unit of CHANGE to salvage our beloved nation from the precipice. NOW is the time to make REAL the promises of democracy. May God help us. VIVA NIGERIA. - Dr. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr

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