Saturday, June 2, 2012

Save UNILAG Action Committee

The bill for the change of name was sent to our senators today with "sth"!!!
This is now a game of "Money VS Brain".
For a start:

1. We need the direct lines of all the senators in our nation.
2. We need to visit bourdillon villa "JAGABAN" ASAP.

We also appreciate all your efforts in the present protest & the students of our prestigious UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS have resolved to commence e-Protest (i.e. via Social media, Newspaper/Newsletter, TV, etc). Since our FG tear-gased & got us injured doing our peaceful protest @ UNILAG's gate.

"We are the greatest of the greatest to the greatest Akokaites!!!! Aluta continua, and surely Victoria Ascerta"

Committees are needed;

29AF92D5, 314B737E, 284F6B84, 2814704C, 28EBEBA9, 28FAD99E, 2358091C, 30DFF7C3, 279421F2, 23134856, 271A0483, 26E21435, 29513598, 277F6F62, 2887D252, 22B5B493, 26FE9D78, 268F9770.

Please spread around!

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