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First year anniversary: Jonathan’s Facebook’s friends’ damning verdict

First year anniversary: Jonathan’s Facebook’s friends’ damning verdict
As President Goodluck Jonathan marks his first year in office on May 29, his comment on the first anniversary on his Facebook has attracted varying degree of reactions from some of his friends and followers on the social media platform.
 His comment on the anniversary uploaded on Monday, May 14 stated thus:

“As we approach the first anniversary of this administration and because we derive our mandate from the people by the way of free and fair election, I have instructed members of the Executive Council of the Federation to render an account of stewardship to Nigerians.

“This rendering by the way of televised live ministerial briefings are ongoing and I encourage all Nigerians to watch these briefings and give me feedback on this page.

“Feedback is the synergy that is needed to make government work better for you and as I have demonstrated from inception of this page. I take your feedback into account in formation of government policy as well as the decision making process” the president wrote.
As at the time of this report, about 2,720 comments and 922 likes have been recorded on the anniversary message.  While 64 per cent of the respondents expressed their displeasure on Jonathan’s administration’s performance so far, 36 per cent gave him a pass mark but urged him to speed up his transformation agenda.
Some of the comments on the anniversary message are as follows:

Robert Akpebi: Goodluck should forget about 2015, complete your tenure and leave for more qualified person. You forgot to bring development to your home state like the abandoned East/West road.

Agare Isaac: Sir, you have failed me in the area of security, your administration has cost the death of 1,800 people, unlike our Military Heads of State. Going by this data, by 2015, about 800,000 to 1,000,000 souls would have gone.

Sufya Deen Ibrahim: Sir, you have a silver tongue like the Niger State Governor ( Talba).

Duru Vincent: One year after your Presidential pronouncement of job offer and immortalization of slain Bauchi NYSC Corp members, this promise is yet to be fulfilled.

Bisi Awoeyo: Mr. President, your anniversary gift to Nigerians like the New Year subsidy gift, is the tariff for darkness instead of light.

Opeodu Olutayo: Where is the electricity to watch the briefings?

Akan Martins: Mr. President, my regards, ministerial briefings is good, but people in the village might not be part of this.

Others include:
Ayodele David: Please, it is time you step on toes to move this country forward.

Michael Abugu: A big congratulation for job well done, we have never witness unprecedented transparency a premise upon which your government was built, your promises for renovation of refinery, railway transportation has been fulfilled. To curb insecurity, please retrain the armed forces.

Balogun Abiodun: Mr. President, it is not the. numbers of years, that matter but your legacy. You may be trying but trying is not enough. Let power be your only agenda at affordable rate. I want to assure you that Nigerians will forgive your mistakes. 
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