Thursday, September 15, 2011

From my mailbox...
True story.
Scene I.
Man driving clean car around Yaba was flagged down @ police checkpoint.
Man:Good day Officers
Police: Who get this car!
Man: I greeted You at least acknowledge my gre..
Police: Sharrap! I say who get dis car & you're querying me, stupid man.
Man: ok! It is mine.
Police: Give me documents including licence, insurance & custom papers.
Man: I've the papers & drivers licence but the custom papers are at home.
Police: (Angrily)I suspected its smuggled or stolen.
Man: That is not a nice thing to s.. (Cut short)
Police: You must be very stupid. You people will steal cars & go to all these Campuses to harass all the small girls wey be your daughter age mate. Foolish man ( He beckons to his mates & four of them enter the car with him & the patrol vehicle loaded the rest of them) We are going to the station. Adekunle!
Man: This is not fair, I just told you my papers are up to date & custom papers...
Police: (Boiling) Do you want me to fire you before you move (cocks gun)
Man: Please take it easy let's go. (They drive to the station, policemen cursing)
Scene II. The Station.
(They alight & bundle the man inside)
Policeman behind Counter: What is the matter?
Policemen: This stupid man is driving without papers & imagine He dey argue.
Man: Officer,that's not true u know... (Cut short again)
Policeman Behind Counter: Sharrap, I can see you are a very stubborn man. Did I talk to you ehn?
One Policeman: I will detain you today shay you think you can talk (faces the one behind the counter) put him in with the criminals.
(Just then the DPO walks in & seeing the commotion)
DPO: Yes, what's the commotion here all about.
Police: We caught this man with a suspected stolen vehicle and he was resisting arrest.
DPO: (turns to man) Is that true gentleman?
Man: No DPO.
DPO: (surprised) I am in mufti, how did you know I'm the DPO?
MAN: Because I am the Commissioner of Police, Alh Yusuf Mohammed..
(All the policemen in station took off, some through the window leaving DPO & the Commissioner...
Was told this is true..............................

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